In times of infection and meeting prohibitions, we offer you as an organizer of fairs now a unique ONLINE-based 3D platform designed to enable you to continue to arrange your meeting places and give your exhibitors the opportunity to present their latest products, services, trends and knowledge to their valuable clientele

As a visitor may still have the opportunity to attend trade fairs, but we will come to your home instead. You can visit your exhibitors in the virtual world instead of the physical meeting.

The Hall Fair will take place in September 2020. Sit in front of your computer and visit our 20 different halls with more than 700 booths and companies in almost every industry.


  • Custom 3D theme (optional)
  • Reacts to PC and mobile (iOS, Android)
  • communication via text, audio and video
  • Calendar system
  • Webinars live or recorded
  • Meeting rooms for video conferencing and chat
  • Questionnaire
  • Real-time market analysis
  • Matching technology (exhibitors / visitors)

Advantages of virtual fairs

Time and cost-effective

The fair is not linked to any physical location and can therefore be arranged, exhibited and visited from anywhere; in the home, in the office or in the hammock.

The meeting takes place via computer / smartphone and minimizes costs for material, travel and logic costs.

You have the opportunity to quickly and easily move between the various virtual booths. The fair is open 24 hours a day and therefore gives you the opportunity for great flexibility

Climat Smart and Global

Enables more meetings and relationships to be built regardless of geographical location.

Climate smart to reduce transport costs.


Feel free to to reach out to us - we’d love to talk to you!